M4 x 10mm bolt
Adapter Bolt M4 x 10mm
Adapter Bolt M4 x 10mm

Adapter Bolt M4 x 10mm


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M4 x 10mm long Flat Head Cap Screw Stainless to be used to attach any adapter to the mounting arm.

  • M4 x 10mm FHCS
  • Stainless Steel


Mounting Arm

  • Mount onto the handle bar to the left or right of the stem and tighten with a 3mm Hex wrench.
  • Torque not to exceed 1.6Nm/14inlbs.


  • Remove the bolt and washer from the adapter and install into the mounting arm slot.
  • Thread on the adapter with the washer on the opposite side flush against the bolt head.
  • Torque to no more than 1.6Nm/14inlbs using a Hex wrench.
  • Apply a small amount of Blue LOCTITE® #242 to the threads of the adapter bolt if needed to keep it from coming loose.