About US

Riding and racing bikes has been a passion of mine since my feet hit the pedals at the age of 4. BMX bikes, road bikes, motorcycles – I fell in love with it all.

I grew up in Santa Cruz, California, when mountain biking was just gaining popularity. While studying for my Mechanical Engineering degree, I had the fortune of working for Keith Bontrager, who was not only a pioneer of the mountain biking industry but also a racing enthusiast. This was my first experience designing and assembling parts for mountain bikes, and I actually assembled the first-ever suspension fork Rockshox.

After college I worked for Honda’s Motocross and Supercross teams, assisting 7-time AMA Supercross Champion Jeremy McGrath and Steve Lamson in winning four championships. I was also privileged to be at Honda during the historic 1996 season when McGrath won 13 of 14 Supercross races.

In 1997 I entered IndyCar racing. After spending 1 year with a team as a Suspension Engineer, I spent the next 12 years as Track Support and R&D Engineer for Toyota Racing. During those 12 years, I was part of a CART Championship with Newman Haas Racing, the Indy 500 with Roger Penske, and the IRL Championship with Scott Dixon and Chip Gannasi Racing.
After spending 15 years in motorsports, I took a position researching and developing eyewear for some of the best athletes in the world. On the weekends, I spend my time riding mountain bikes through the Santa Ana Mountains, and I’m active in cart racing and Porsche club events.

How MORSA Started

In 2010 while training for the 2011 Counting Coup race, my coach put me on a heart rate training program. I found myself constantly looking down at my then-just-released Garmin 500 and, as a result, had several near misses on my training runs.

During this time, I noticed a friend’s bike with a SRM computer mounted out-front. Later that night, I sketched an out-front mount for my Garmin 500. Although there was no product like it on the market at that time, I became too busy at work, and the sketches began collecting dust. By the time I was ready to create my out-front mount, there were others on the market. So, I focused on ways I could improve the front mount.

In Italian, morsa means clamp or vise. But, the MORSA product is so much more than just a clamp; it’s an out-front, adjustable device mount that gives you the ability to add or remove two devices on a single mount. After spending years on research, design, and testing, MORSA is proud to release our innovative, easy-to-use product to the cycling biking community.

Core Values


We love what we do and have a lot of fun doing it! Passion comes from within, and it’s what keeps us creating innovative products that improve our customers’ performance.

Performance Driven…

Our American-made products are designed for optimal performance 100% of the time.


We put extensive time into research, development, design, and testing so our customers get the very best product possible.

Responsible Design…

The needs of our customers drive our designs.

Effective Partnerships…

We work with the best vendors available to ensure the highest level of service and products for our resellers and, in turn, customers.