What’s up with Fatbikes?

Fatbikes. Some call them a trend, a fad, an enigma. Many people love them, and probably just as many hate them. Regardless on where you fall on the Fatbike Lovers Scale, they’re popularity seems more likely to continue than taper off. Why is that? If you look at them form an outsiders perspective, they look like the cyclists version of the lifted pickup truck with the overly loud and annoying exhaust system. What makes fatbikes great? We’ll give you a couple reasons.

1. They’re Fun

Yeah, they won’t get you from a-to-b as fast as a road bike, but that’s kind of the point. Remember when you were a kid and rode your bike for no other reason than it was fun? When it wasn’t about trying to push yourself to ride the most difficult trails that you could, or trying to eclipse your best 10 mile time. Fatbikes make otherwise difficult  rides (like snow covered trails) easy, bringing you back to the days of simply riding.

2. You Can Ride Them Anywhere

The nature of fatbikes is that their fat tires allow you to ride easily on basically any surface. Snow? Check. Sand? Check. Rocky, unsteady terrain? Check. To work? Check. This gives you the ability to explore really cool places that may otherwise be off limits. It’s especially great for all you brave people who live in places that closely resemble Narnia. Equipped with your high end camera (okay, okay, Iphone 6), you can explore places you never have before and capture their brilliance.

3. Year Round Biking

This is the obvious conclusion from point two. Unlike other bikes, you can ride your fatbike in the snow with ease. Fatbikes aren’t the sexy sports cars that get packed away during the fall and winter months and showcased in the summer. They exist to be used in the elements. There is no other bike that affords you the opportunity to ride anywhere, at any time.


If in the end, you don’t like fatbikes because you’re a speed demon, or you only ride to work, or you don’t feel like shelling out the cash that a solid fatbike costs, that’s fine. But for the rest of you, a fatbike could make riding more fun than it’s ever been.

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